<< You cannot teach anything, you can only help people to discover it themselves. >>

Leadership coach:

Dealing with stress and working effectively

Managers find themselves often in a stressful “sandwich”- position with pressure from above and below. They have to implement strategic and operational objectives, they have to show “role model” behaviour, and they need to be motivators and gate keepers for their employees. Depending on the environment and the dominating mindset, agile and participative tools are required or classic “top-down” management is expected.

Based on my own practical experiences as people manager in complex environments, I can easily connect with the dynamics and challenges of other people managers. In my own teams, I systematically focused on cooperation and accountability of my direct reports. Using my extensive theoretical background and several professional trainings as additional sources, I offer tailor-made interventions for managers and teams, such as

  • Mindset and self-reflection
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Behavioural and leadership styles
  • People management tools
  • Teamwork and Communication
  • Accountability
  • Managing change
  • Coaching and feedback


Activate your workforce