<< If you want to interact effectively and influence people, you first need to understand them… Life is not just logical, it is also emotional >>
(Stephan R. Covey)

My services

<< Better together – together better >> : I am passionate about activating the human resources in a system and strengthen cooperation.

In my opinion, the most crucial criteria for success are the individual ability to navigate within complex structures such as project teams spread over multiple locations, matrix organisations, and virtual or hybrid leadership environments. Observing the dynamics of the “system” and how we react to it, is a basis for any of my interventions. 

I utilize an effective mix of tools and approaches which I have developed through continuous education and practical applications (see here). For large and resource intensive tasks, I gladly cooperate with experienced consultants and partners from my network.

If you are curious why I have integrated some of my photos of the sea and water, you will find the answer here


Change consultant

Overcoming dilemmas and integrating stakeholders


Leadership coach

Dealing with stress and working effectively



Activate your workforce