<< Better together. Together better >>
Sharpening your own perceptions, discovering your autopilot, and understanding the dynamics of your teams - then something new and sometimes even magic can evolve...

<< Better together.
Together better >>

Frequently testified, regularly proven, and yet constantly ignored: The “soft” factor human being is, in reality, the hardest of all success factors. I have witnessed many complex teams and organisations and have supported numerous “hard” projects – and I have learned that the essential recipes for success are trust, motivation, and cooperation.

This is where my services for your challenges around change and transformation come in. The necessary ingredients are a suitable occasion, readiness for (self-) reflection and a bit of curiosity. With our commonly agreed experiments and interventions, synchronised with your particular environment and your business strategy, you and your teams can make substantial progress towards more motivation and accountability, more trust and cooperation and – if needed – adaptations in the systemic environment .

As consultant and coach, I bring in 5 years of working experience abroad, 15 years of management practice in international organisations, and 25+ years of learning and education (Professional Certified Coach by ICF, Loop Approach Fellow by the dive, XLNC Leadership- and Team-Coach, Outdoor Facilitator etc.). I have been working closely for many years with chief officers, managers and project leaders in international and intercultural settings. What they appreciate about me is my special mix of people-centric leadership and insider knowledge of complex organisations. My service portfolio focuses on roles as change consultantimplementation advisorleadership coach and facilitator.

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